Sunday, 6 September 2015

How come douchebags have so many friends?

I can't be the only one who's noticed this, right?

For all my social graces are awkward, I work really hard at them.  I put a lot of effort into interpersonal stuff, and try really hard to be competent in my interactions with others.

Still more popular than you
So it's really frustrating when some jackass comes along, acts like a complete dick, treats everyone around them like shit, and still has people hanging off their every word.

What is WITH that?

I don't know, and some in depth research from the University of Googling Shit suggests it's a question many have asked and few have answered.

Here are my theories:

  • They're not - it just looks that way to me because I'm so down on myself and my own wobbly little social network
  • The have something else - industry connections, a rich daddy, or a tendency to shout free drinks for everyone in a 20-foot radius - that makes them worth hanging around despite their behaviour
  • They treat people differently, so their friends see a different side of them than others do
  • Their behaviour isn't that bad, I'm just a sensitive special sooky snowflake
  • Their friends are as fucked up as they are
  • They don't have friends so much as an audience keen to see what outrageous thing they do next, because a lot of people love a bit of drama and conflict
  • At any given moment they have a load of friends or hangers-on, but it's a constantly changing series of short-term buddies rather than long term meaningful relationships
  • The world's a really weird place, and it's about time I accepted I really don't understand it.