Sunday, 9 August 2015

My Aspie special interests are causing trouble

I have a slight problem with my special interests.  Hell, let's call them what they are: obsessions.

Most of mine are media related - TV shows or comedy mainly, with a side helping of books, comics and movies.  That means they take time to watch or read or pore over and enjoy.  On the whole, it's time well spent because I love it, I learn things, and it helps build my knowledge and skills for the writing and theatre-related stuff that is my living.

But the time my special interests take eats into the time available for that writing and theatre-related stuff, self care, keeping the house clean, and generally being a vaguely functional* adult.

Watching TV shows takes time.  And while you can do other things while watching TV if those other things are knitting or jogging on a treadmill, it doesn't really work if you're trying to write or practice a soliloquy.  Or if you're hanging out the washing, weeding, or moving from room to room as you clean the house.

The rational answer is just to limit the TV watching to when I have time, and deal with the important business of having a life first.

But there is nothing rational about my Aspie obsessions.  If I could just not engage with them when I didn't want to they'd be a hobby, not a fucking obsession. 

It's all the harder because a lot of mine are, tangentially at least, related to my work.  It's a long, long bow to draw, but that hasn't stopped me justifying a 2am QI marathon as somehow relevant to the comedy I'm working on.

"First I'll do the laundry and wash the dishes, then I'll write that article, then I'll watch QI but only until 10pm because I need to be up early for work tomorrow" is common sense on paper.  But in practice it often just doesn't work for me, because I don't have the executive functioning or sequential planning skills to make it happen.

I don't have any answers.  It's a problem in progress.


*Not "functional" in the deeply problematic high/low functioning autistic sense, but in the adulting sense.