Sunday, 19 July 2015

Store it where you can see it

If I can't see something, I forget it exists.

I'm not sure if it's an ASD executive function thing, an ADD thing, or just a quirk of my own, but whatever the cause it's always very much been A Thing with me.

As with many other bits of my life that don't work as they should, I've found it's much more productive to work around this than try (and fail) to force myself to change.

This isn't a definitive "101 Ways To Deal With This Issue" post.  But it is a walk-through of some of the techniques I'm using at home to ensure that I can see the things I need (or want) to use, remember and take care of.

The bathroom cupboard came with sliding mirrored doors: I took them off, put some pretty paper inside to cover the rust marks and general decay, and now have my deodorant, sunscreen and suchlike on display.  So I remember to use them.

More bathroom hijinks: another cupboard with one door off to expose to turn it into an open shelf, and grooming-type things on the windowsill. 

The to-be-read pile of books beside the couch.  (With bonus cat toy)

This is what I have instead of a bathroom mirror.  There are plenty mirrors elsewhere in the house, so I got a cheap picture frame, framed some more of the pretty paper, and use the glass surface as a whiteboard for reminders and inspirational guff.

My office, with ginormous whiteboard covered in reminders for things to write/look up/do, and office supplies all over the windowsills so I remember to use them.

Outside of my various open shelves and conspicuous reminders of things to do, my decorating style's pretty minimalist.  This is great for cutting down sensory stimulation, but it also means the important stuff doesn't blend into the general background 'noise' of clutter and decorative doo-dads.

Do you have a similar issue?  I'm curious to know whether it's an Aspie thing, or just something of my own.  And what techniques have you come up with to handle it? I'm always very keen to hear how other people deal with issues like these.  For all the tricks I've come up with there are bound to be loads more that I haven't thought of, but you might have...