Saturday, 4 July 2015


Eeep!  I'm so sorry for my long, long silence.  I've had a rough couple of months with depression, family drama, some work-related overload, and just not being terribly well organised.  That snowballed to the point where updating the blog or checking the email address tied to it felt like The Most Insurmountable Task In The World, so I just kind of hid from it.  Maybe it's my Dutch heritage?

Anyway.  I'm back.  Regular posts will be starting up again from tomorrow, including some guest posts over the next little while. 

I've done a bulk-delete of all the newsletters and email subscriptions that had sent my inbox into meltdown.  While I did my best to not delete anything important, if you've sent me an email and not heard back there is the possibility I've binned it by accident - if that's happened, could I trouble you to send it again?

Sorry again for going dark - normal service resuming now.

And here's some veg from my garden: