Saturday, 3 January 2015

Want to do a guest post for Letters from Aspergia?

Happy new year, chickadees.

I've been thinking about how to spruce the blog up for 2015, to keep it interesting and cover new ground.  I'm also very aware that my perspective is only my own.  The spectrum is so very wide, and my place on it so unremarkable, that there's a lot of autism-related stuff that doesn't get covered here because I just don't have anything to say about it.

The logical answer is that it's time to get other people involved, with different experiences and stories to share.

So, for the first time, I'm opening Letters from Aspergia up to guest posts.  To find out how to get involved, read on...

What I'm looking for:
  • Personal stories, experiences or insight
  • Practical advice and tips
  • Explanations of a particular issue or of activism/advocacy you're involved in
  • Different perspectives: people who can talk about being on the spectrum while living in the bush or in a major city, being an immigrant or refugee, Indigenous, gay, lesbian, bi, trans, or non-binary-gendered, having kids or being pregnant, belonging to a subculture or religious group, or whatever experience you have that others don't

What I'm not looking for:
  • Stuff that's already been published elsewhere - it'll bugger up the SEO for both our sites
  • Sales pitches and affiliate links
  • Talk of us being burdens, tragedies, soulless or otherwise wretched
  • Snake oil and quackery
  • Manifestos about the Aspergian master race 
  • Defamation or anything else legally problematic

People on the spectrum will get first preference, but family members, researchers, and other people with something interesting to share will be considered. Australians will get first preference, but people from other countries will be considered.  Indigenous Australians are very welcome.

I'm happy to attribute your post to either your real name or whatever pseudonym you usually go by online, and link back to your own site/social media/wherever you hang out.

Posts can be up to 1500 words, and you can either provide an image or I can find one.  Video or audio posts are welcome as long as you're OK to upload it to Youtube, Soundcloud or wherever it'll live before it's embedded.

Want to get involved?  There's no deadline, so just drop me a line when you're ready, letting me know what you'd like to post about, and a link to your own blog/site/wherever I can find out a little about you if we don't already know each other.