Tuesday, 17 June 2014

News and updates and random personal ramblings

Customs House, because a post this self-referential
deserves a local landmark
Things are really moving around here...

1.  I've been talking about turning this blog into a book for ages, and now there's a definite plan for that.  I've decided against a book as such, and am instead putting together some resources on specific Aspie-related topics.  They'll be a mix of new content and material from the blog, expanded and updated.  The first one is on sensory sensitivity, and will be out soon - August, with a following wind.

 2.  Work's been really surprising.  I wasn't expecting this gig to last this long - it started as a fixed-term contract - but it has and it continues and it's great and I love it.  I still have terrible panicky moments (that sometimes last for days or weeks) where I'm sure I'm hopeless and at any moment they'll realise how woeful I am and kick me down their many flights of stairs and out the door, but they're happy with what I'm doing.  I hope it lasts.

3.  I was accepted into the uni course I applied for, but I've deferred until the new year.  I'll have a better idea what's happening with work by then, plus we'll hopefully know more about the various political and financial uncertainties surrounding tertiary education.  I'm still not entirely convinced I'm cut out for the field I've chosen either, so deferring gives me six months to get over my existential crisis and figure out if I really want to go through with it.  I was when I applied, but now I'm far less sure.

4.  That campaign of getting out more and making friends that I launched back at the start of the year faltered - as you might have guessed from the way I suddenly didn't write any more about it - but things are going pretty well on that front now.  Mum and I have found a pub trivia night that doesn't suck (some of the bigger venues use really crappy over-loud PA systems with  distorted fuzzy sound that does my head right in thanks to my sensory troubles with sound) and I'm starting to put some feelers out about other stuff too.  Yes, I'm still a big bundle of anxiety and shyness and guilt and neurosis, but I'm at a point now where I can be that and still have a life.

I'm calling that a win.