Tuesday, 20 May 2014

How to fold all sorts of stuff

I like procedures.

It's really comforting to have a set way to do things, whether the thing in question is rolling socks or buying a house.  Having a known system for doing something makes doing it so much easier, and has a lot of other benefits as well:
  • Efficiency, because you're not wasting time figuring out how to do it or re-inventing the wheel every time it needs to be done
  • You can research the best way to do it and follow that system, rather than relying on whatever half-arsed technique you were able to figure out on your own
  • For physical tasks, with practice and muscle memory the process can become automatic.  This frees your mind up to think about other stuff while you're working
  • If inertia or procrastination are problems for you, knowing exactly what you have to do and how can help break through them
  • A feeling of control and competence in a world where both those things are really pretty scarce.

So, speaking of procedures and efficient ways to do things:

how to fold all sorts of stuff

So, you have a big basket of freshly washed laundry waiting for your attention... here are some techniques to get started. These videos aren't mine, but have been made available by various helpful people. You can find out more about the owners by clicking through from the individual videos to the originals on YouTube.

How to fold a t-shirt super quickly:

And a button-up shirt:

How to fold pants, with different methods depending on whether they've got a flat front or creases:

How to fold a hoodie:

How to roll socks:

How to roll undies:

How to fold towels and other lineney things:

And the bane of most folders' existences - how to fold a fitted sheet: