Saturday, 12 April 2014

How can we make uni easier for students with disability?

The University of Southern Queensland is  figuring out how to help disabled uni students complete their studies successfully.

An interdisciplinary team - there are boffins involved from the health, psychology, and education fields - has won a grant for a pilot study working with 30 USQ students with disability.

Around the country uni enrolments are rising, but project leader Dr Rahul Ganguly says students with disability aren't necessarily keeping up - they might leave education sooner than their non-disabled peers, or not do as well academically.

It's a field that hasn't had a lot of research before, and what attention it has had has tended to look at the facilities available or what the faculty thinks rather than talking to the actual students.

This project aims to change that: they'll follow their 30 students for a year, through surveys and interviews.  They'll not only be looking at what uni policies and services are helping, but also recognising the students' own resilience and skills that are helping them get through.

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