Monday, 10 February 2014

How to rock a wardrobe

Rubbermaid Homefree Series Closet Kit 3H11
photo by Rubbermaid Products on Flickr
Life's too short to waste time deciding what to wear.

I have a dose of executive functioning issues, which can get in the way of planning and generally being organised.  So, the more I can remove pointless decision from my life, and build systems that organise themselves, the easier life becomes.

For a start, I only own jeans and plain neutral trousers. This is to cut down the bother of finding clothes that "go together". Since everything on the bottom half is neutral, whatever I put on the top half will match.

I hang up everything so that it's all visible when I open my wardrobe, to cut down "I can't see it so I forgot it existed" syndrome, which is one of executive dysfunction's many gifts.   (Hanging everything up also helps avoid creases, since I don't iron.)

Here's the key to the system: when I'm putting my clothes away, I hang all the tops on the far right-hand side of the wardrobe and all the trousers/bottoms on the far left. Then when I'm getting dressed, I grab whichever top/bottom combo is in the middle, and there's my outfit. No choosing required. Add black or beige cardigan if required, and I'm done.

This way every item gets equal wear, which not only prevents favourite items being flogged to death but gets around the problem of people assuming you're not changing your clothes because you always seem to be wearing the same ones.  I don't if anyone actually does think that or even notice, but I've been a bit paranoid about it ever since a snarky comment at school when I wore the same outfit to two consecutive school events. (Because apparently you're supposed to give a shit about that when you're ten.)

It does occasionally get more complicated.  At the moment I'm working two different jobs (don't ask), one of which has a higher office dress standard than the other.  So, on some mornings I might have to flick back a shirt or two to make sure I've got a suitable one, or flick past the jeans in favour of some tan slacks.  But overall, it's a system that works, is easy to maintain, and keeps me dressed.  I'd call that a success.