Monday, 2 September 2013

Monday Muster

Welcome to a new week, dear ones.  Have some flamingos:

Flamingos Partying
photo by Pedro Szekely
 The Autistic Me has an interesting piece on parenting older autistic kids who are heading off to uni/college, getting their first job, or otherwise flying the coop.  It raises the complicated question of when supporting a young adult turns into cotton-wooling them, and holds them back rather than giving them a launching pad to fly from.

Group autistic blog We Are Like Your Child has a lovely piece from Neurodivergent K looking at her love of dance and movement:

"When I am dancing, I am not disabled.

"I am still Autistic when I am dancing, possibly at my most Autistic - sometimes I am a being of pure joy and sensation while I dance...

"All that changed is my environment, and the expectations it has for me. The expectation is that I can move with the music in a specific way. I can move with the music in those specific ways, and I can do it at an average or better proficiency. When the language is movement, when the social cues are the leading and following of the whole body rather than of subtleties, I am on even footing."

Author with Aspergers syndome Gretchen Leary has penned a sad, thoughtful post on her struggles to make friends and connect with people, and yearning for that connection that's so hard to find:

"I can do empathy. I think I always have been able to do that part. My issue is actually the opposite most times. I feel so much pain when I see someone in pain that I react too intensely. It seems out of place to them."

What is a disability, and what is a 'cure'?  If something makes life easier for someone, but makes them look or act or be less "normal", is that a cure?  Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg looks at this in relation to her auditory processing problems on her recently redesigned blog Disability and Representation.