Saturday, 31 August 2013

This just in: cold virus causes autism

At the moment, my sensory sensitivities are much more troublesome than they usually are.  I've lost count of how many times I've said "pardon?" in the last few days, because I either can't hear what's being said over the roar of the birds chirping and the traffic outside, or I've heard it but can't process it.  I've dropped things, fallen over, walked into things and am even less adept in the fine motor control department than usual.  I've been taking things literally and misinterpreting things and not getting jokes and not realising when someone's talking to the person beside me rather than to me.

Quick!  I'm regressing!  Shove some bleach up my bum!

No, wait.  I just have a cold.

It's not a bad cold, as far as these things go.  Just enough to require a day off work (which I really didn't want right now) and two days in bed feeling thoroughly sorry for myself.  Also I lost my voice, which is bothersome when your job is 70% talking on the phone.

But when I'm sick, even with some minor passing lurgy like this one, I do get "more autistic" (insofar as that means anything).  The sensory/motor stuff gets worse, and the social stuff gets more difficult and comes even less naturally than it usually does.

But that doesn't mean I've actually regressed or my Aspergers has worsened.  It just means that my body's directing what energy it has to fighting the lurgy, so doesn't have any left over for dealing with sensory shenanighans or processing social interactions.  Getting well takes precedence.  And during that getting well phase, the Aspergers I've always had is just more apparent than it usually is.