Friday, 12 July 2013

No real post today, so have a poem instead

poetry is dead

poetry analysis
poetry techniques
poetry isn't in my words

poems about war
poems about love
poems about death
poems about loving someone you shouldn't
poems should be underlined

poetry is what gets lost in translation
poetry is what happens when nothing else can
what isn't poetry

hating yourself isn't poetry

poem things shouldn't be so hard
poetry is like a tree
poetry should not be taught
poetry should not mean but be 

why isn't poetry popular?
poems aren't finished
poems aren't that famous

poetry is dead

Sorry, life's been complicated so there's no real post today.  It's not even a 'real' poem - it's an arrangement of Google auto-fill suggestions for poetry-related searches.  I put it together for an IT poetry contest on the theme of "search engines", but them realised it had nothing to do with search engines or even the internet, so shelved it and wrote something else.