Friday, 28 June 2013


It's cold at the moment.  The weather has finally remembered how to winter, and it's pleasantly cool - just enough to wear a jumper.

This is a delightful turn of events for me, because I really love cool weather.  This kind of weather - when it's at the cold end of pleasant - is a great time to be an Aspie.

For a start, my body awareness is better in cool weather.  I bump into things less, trip less, am more in touch with where my body begins and ends and the shapes it makes.  In very hot weather, especially hot humid weather - and I grew up near Rockhampton, so I know a thing or two about that - my body feels like a vague, heavy sort of blob rather than an actual thing with arms and legs that I'm attached to.  Even at the best of times my body doesn't really feel like a part of me, but it's much, much worse when it's hot.

Another boon of cold weather is that I can wear heavy jumpers, jeans and boots, or thick tights or leggings under dresses or skirts, all clothes that work well for me in the sensory department.  The pressure afforded by heavy clothes - particularly soft, heavy, snuggly jumpers - provides vestibular feedback that again improves my body awareness.  The pressure from tights or leggings do the same, making me more aware of where my legs are and what they're up to.  (The only reasons I don't go for tight stuff on my top half are that 1. they'd show off my fat rolls and 2. those kind of tops tend to have high necks, which I can't stand.)

There are other reasons, too.  I love warm, comforting food like stews, creamy pastas and mashed potatoes, and those are more enjoyable when it's cold.  I love the smell of bonfires and the sight of turning leaves, and the way your breath turns to steam on a cold morning.

This weather is not just a great time to be Aspie, but a great time to be alive.