Monday, 13 May 2013

Monday Muster

Happy Monday, comrades.  Have a pretty vintage landscape:

Shore line of Wizard Island
 Joel Deane has written a scathing open letter to the high school that acted like a hatful of adders when he spoke to them about enrolling his daughter.  Joel's daughter has Down syndrome, and there are many stories in the article comments from the families of autistic children who've faced similar discrimination from schools.

Neurodivergent K from Radical Neurodivergence Speaking has an insightful piece about how insulting it is to use cancer as an analogy for autism - to both autistic people and cancer patients.  Here's a comment from someone with firsthand experience of both:

"I have (had) cancer and aspergers. The cancer was way worse to deal with. Also, while I would never want to be non autistic, I would love to have not had cancer. I am now missing my thyroid because of the cancer. I have to take daily medication for it that means I can never afford to be uninsured. There is no way these two things are remotely similar."

Another great post from an autistic blogger this week, To You, The Children by Alyssa from Yes, That Too.  Check it out.