Friday, 24 May 2013

Making connections

My brain often makes connection between things in strange ways.  If I happen to experience two things together, sometimes a permanent bond between the two somehow forges in my mind, even if they're completely unrelated.

I don't mean understandable reactions and associations - like being robbed by a guy in a hoodie and thereafter fearing anyone wearing a hoodie even if they're a 90 year old nun.   I mean utterly disconnected pieces of random brain-data.

For instance, every time my brain hears the first five seconds of Ebeneezer Goode, (which is what tween girls of my generation listened to, Justin Beiber not having been invented yet) I irresistibly see Patrick Troughton's Doctor Who in a fur coat.

There is no link between the two, but it so happens that once upon a time I was reading a book about Doctor Who and listening to Triple J on my walkman, and that song came on just as I turned the page to a photo from The Abominable Snowmen.  Some synapse chose that moment to bloom, perhaps because at that age I studied best with a background of thumpy music, and ever since then the Second Doctor and The Shamen have been forever one in my mind.

I used to think this was just because I was odd, but it seems it could be an Aspie thing.  In an old article which I now can't find online, Tito Mukhopadhyay described how as a child the concepts of clouds and bananas became fused for him in a similar way.  I can't remember exactly how they came together - perhaps someone said "banana" while he was looking at a cloud, or said "cloud" while he was eating a banana - but after that, the two ideas were muddled together in his mind.