Friday, 31 May 2013

A neurodiverse menagerie

Perhaps you've met PhilosoraptorBusiness Cat and Socially Awkward Penguin.  They're advice animals, memes featuring a series of animal characters each with their own identifying trait.  The web has spawned squillions of them, from a froggy bachelor to a mallard that gives handy household tips.  They're usually intended to be funny, often in a rather dark way, rather than having any deeper meaning.

But then there's a convoy of advice animals which serve a more substantial purpose.  Tumblr is their natural habitat, and they're a rallying point for marginalised groups to share memes relating to their own particular experience.

The ones I'm most familiar are those circulating in the Aspergers and related communities.  There are many, many more for different communities and subgroups, but here are a few autism (or neurodiversity in general) related ones:

Autistic Eagle covers all aspects of autism, and is run by a team of autistic moderators.

Autistic Hedgehog is a place where autistic contributors can be "a bit prickly, sarcastic, and facetious about the things we deal with in our daily lives".

Aspie Alligator covers Aspergers related issues.

Executive Dysfunction Goat also posts tips on getting (and keeping) your caboose together, and also gives general support and fellowship.  Their background is the colour of James May's famous pink and purple striped jumper of doom, which is an immediate win.

Sensory Sea Turtle is for sensory processing disorder and related conditions, such as the sensory disregulation that comes with autism.

Misophonia Meerkat is specifically for sound sensitivity.

And some related advice animals:
Tourettes Toucan 
ADHD Aardvark
Dyscalculic Dolphin 
Dyslexic Duckling
Dyspraxic Panda

And a shout-out for Survivor Rat.  While not neurodiversity related per se, so many people with disabilities go through bullying and abuse that it'll be relevant for many of us:

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