Monday, 22 April 2013

Monday Muster

Happy Monday, dear ones.
Love is The Answer - Paris (Explore)
photo by Geraint Rowland
Autism in Love is a feature-length documentary being made in the US about autistic adults falling in love and managing romantic relationships.  It's currently funding through Kickstarter, so click through a drop a few bob in their tin if you'd like to support it.

The Birthday Party, a post from autistic blogger E over at The Third Glance, gives some tips for including autistic people in social activities.  I love the idea of having something like a puzzle on a table in a quiet corner at parties, so people who need a break from the boozing and schmoozing have somewhere they can go to have a break while still being present.  Someone in the comments did a similar thing with an origami area, which sounds like a fantastic idea - like puzzles, it can be as social or separate as you make it.

Inner Aspie has also been blogging, posting a thought provoking article about how autistic folk experience empathy.

And on OJ's Blogge, there are a series of graphics illustrating the concept of autism as a spectrum - sounds like I'm not the only one who's come up against the 'if you don't fit the stereotypes you're not really autistic' thing lately.

How many traits can you tick off on this long list of signs of sensory disregulation?  I have A.  LOT.