Monday, 11 March 2013

Monday muster

For those who've come in lately, Monday Muster is a quick canter through some of the interesting stuff that's come up over the last week.  It has an Aspergers- and disability-centric slant, but only in the vaguest sort of way.

Here, have a headache powder:

Headache powders

This is from an odd little museum in Childers, Queensland.  It was originally a chemist's shop, and when it closed down they found all the old stock still in storage out the back - and I mean old stock, stuff these bottles of dubious century-old remedies.

Here is some interesting data on autism and Aspergers in girls, and the difficulties of getting a diagnosis if you happen to not have a penis.  This is an ongoing debate and one I haven't seen any clear answers on: are females genuinely less likely to have autism, as the current diagnosis rate suggests?  Or is it, as my own experience and that of the women and girls in that link attests, just harder to get a diagnosis if you're female? That's partially because of self-fulfilling stereotypes - the accepted wisdom is that fewer females are autistic, therefore fewer females are diagnosed - and partially because (again, this is my experience rather than a scientific fact) autism does tend to look different in women.

Deaf student Rachel Kolb has written an account of her life as a lipreader:

"I don't like superficial remarks and predictable rejoinders, but staying in shallow waters is better than sinking. So long as I preserve my footing, I keep up the appearance of being able to converse - to other people and, more important, to myself."

Autistic activist Alyssa of Yes, That Too has penned a biting and insightful Token Autistic Speech.  Well worth a read, it blows a lot of misconceptions about "overcoming" autism out of the water.

If you're interested in sciencey things, have you discovered Head Squeeze yet?  It gets automatic awesome points for featuring James May.