Monday, 4 March 2013

Monday Muster

There are some unexpected folks on Pinterest - the Queensland Police, for instance, and an online daylily farm - but one sweet board is the New York Public Library's Little Lions.  Inspired by Patience and Fortitude, the two marble lions that guard the entrance to the library, it's a board dedicated to people's cat photos.

Maybe I should send through a picture of my baby Fry?

Hungry? How about some bacon, potato chip, or 'firecracker' flavoured chocolate?

On to something actually autism related... the sensory and motor skills aspects of autism are areas I'm particularly interested in, because it's an area where I'm thoroughly affected and quite self aware about it.  Here's a new piece on it, the snappily titled Moving the field: the sensorimotor perspective on autism. (Commentary on “Rethinking autism: implications of sensory and motor differences” an article by Anne Donnellan, David Hill, and Martha Leary)

If you have a few bob you're looking to throw at a worthy cause, check out Keep Me Safe Tonight on Pozible.  It's a film project looking at Australia's suicide rate, which takes more people from us than do road accidents.

"By 2009, Don Ritchie had officially prevented 160 people from taking their own lives at a cliff near his house in Sydney. He did this by taking the time to talk and listen to people in need. As filmmakers, we are inspired by Don's work and believe that we can all do something to reduce the rate of suicide in Australia."