Thursday, 17 January 2013

When change is a good thing

by Hustvedt on Wikimedia Commons
Sometimes, change is a good thing.

Starting a relationship, moving to a new town, getting or changing jobs, even signing up with a new ISP - all these things can be good.  They can bring happiness, new opportunities, more money, improved self esteem, and faster broadband.

But there's comfort in the familiar, even if it sucks.  You know the rules there, it's predictable and reliable.  There's no element of risk or danger.  It looks, tastes, feels, sounds and smells familiar.  We know the triggers - sensory and emotional - and have methods in place to deal with them.  Change has none of these things.

Anxiety and depression can make navigating change even more difficult.  Our natural aversion to change is exacerbated by anxiety that lies to us that every little thing is a disaster, and depression that lies to us that there's no point even trying because we're worthless and stupid and don't even deserve to be here.

These are lies.

Change can be a good thing, bringing us a beautiful future of love, happiness, fortune and comfort.  Reaching out for it is scary.  Living through it can be terrifying, as the solid foundations of your life ripple and twist and rearrange themselves.  I won't say it's easy because I know it bloody isn't.

But it can be done.  And it can be so very, very worthwhile.