Sunday, 1 April 2012

Haters be hatin'

Aspies hating on non-Aspies really harsh my mellow.

Battlefield?  Nay, I have been on the Tumblr
I recently left a Facebook group - one of many autism-related ones which have started up in the last year or so -where one member's anti-cure post triggered a massive all-in rant.  "NTs are sheep!" "Aspies are the next step in evolution!" "Master race!" "NTs are out to get us!" "Any autistic person who considers a cure is a traitor to the cause!"

Oh, for fuck's sake.

Anti-NT ranting will do the neurodiversity movement more harm than good. It makes us look bitey, hatey, scary, with massive chips on our shoulders and kind of out of touch with reality. Arguing that Aspergers is all awesome, all the time, is to willfully ignore the Aspies who are genuinely struggling and deserve help. We can't demand respect and acceptance if we can't respect and accept the differences in our own ranks.

It's also disrespectful to the many non-autistic people - parents, siblings, friends, partners - who know, love and care for people on the spectrum. When you say "All NTs" do this or think that, you're talking about those people as well.

We need bridges, not walls.  If we want people to learn, we have to let them ask questions.  We have to be prepared to explain things.  And if we're scary and unapproachable and lashing out, that's not going to happen.