Monday, 19 November 2012

They don't write social stories to cover this sort of thing

I'm having a 'how do I behave in this situation' dilemma, and I need to solve it soon because I don't know how much more my bladder can stand.

About two or three in the afternoon I usually need a post-lunch cuppa to see me through until hometime.  Having a stereotypically tiny female bladder, this means about quarter past four I need to use the lavatory.


The cleaner arrives at 4pm.  I don't want to go just after he's cleaned the loo, because that's surely a slight on his work, like walking in muddy boots over a floor someone's just mopped.  Similarly I don't want to use the bog just before he cleans it, because that's kinda wrong too, in a "LOL dude, you clean lavatories for a living and I'm going to remind you that we've been weeing in it all day.  Sucks to be you!" sort of way.

I may be overthinking this (Really?  You think?) but I am quite at a loss.

Just don't suggest skipping or rescheduling my afternoon cuppa.  Them's fighting words.