Thursday, 22 November 2012

I can't have a pretty kitchen

When I moved into my current digs, I had high hopes for the kitchen.  It's less a room and more a sort of nook, and I was going to turn that crummy neglected-rental-house kitchen into something magazine worthy.  I dyed curtains, hung some old tin trays on the walls, and acquired some big glass jars and used them to store rice and pasta and other won't-go-offs in a line along a shelf.

It looked damn fine.  Just one problem: it didn't work.

So I've just started a project to redo my pretty artistic kitchen into something much more prosaic and industrial that I can actually use to make food and stuff.

never accept an invitation from a stranger unless he gives you candy -Linda Festa 

I've ditched the big glass jar idea - I'll go back to storing my button collection in them, sorted by colour - and instead invested in a few bulk packs of sealable sandwich bags.  The idea is that when I'm feeling spry and functional, I measure out my rice, pasta, cereal and the like into single serves (a cup for pasta and cereal, half a cup for rice and lentils) and put each one in its own baggie.  Then, come mealtime, I can just grab one and go instead of having to measure, or eyeballing it and massively overestimating how much I need.

It works for freezer stuff, too.  A big bag of mixed frozen veg becomes a week's supply of grab-n-go packs ready to be opened and tipped into a stir fry or a pasta sauce.  A pack of sausages can be split up and frozen so that I can defrost 2 or 3 at a time, rather than cooking the whole lot with the idea of saving the extras for work lunches, but then I somehow manage to eat them all in a day or two.

Pictures showing my workable but not pretty system are to come, once I get the kitchen clean.

Which may be never.